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And Away We Go…

Welcome aboard, eager, young space-cadet! My name is Martin, and I will be guiding you along the journey you are about to undertake into the sometimes strange, but hopefully entertaining, world of my imagination.

We’re sharing this journey really, more so than merely you following my lead. (Never a good idea, that… I’d watch your step, honestly.) To tell the truth, your guide is as much a newcomer here as you are.

That’s because your guide hasn’t tried this before; documenting his progress, I mean. This is my first real attempt to put down on paper (or up on screen, really), my thoughts and processes as I design a new game and line of miniatures from the ground up. I hope you’ll be generous enough to keep that in mind when I go wondering along backroads or following my tail, rather than keeping to the map. (Adding to the confusion, I think this compass I have is dodgy, too… curse these cheap Christmas crackers!)

In any case, I will be posting articles on my rules writing, background or ‘fluff’ pieces, insights into my research into the Art of Kickstarting, and sneak peeks of what will be the first product line and game from Miniature Martin — Hobbies from Other Dimensions!

Stay Tuned, and Watch the Skies!