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Triga-nometry: The Noordicans get serious

Progress continues apace on the sculpts of Saucer War One’s miniatures; Today, I’d like to show you the mighty Triga Beta type saucer, heavy-hitter of the Noordican sky-fleet.

Armed and ancient — The Noordican Triga

Bigger and more versatile than its Biga stablemate, the Triga was the Annunaki’s enforcer. Rebellious worlds or provinces were brought to heel by clouds of Trigas descending upon them, dealing out the wrath of the gods with crushing Gravitic Beams and merciless Surdu hunter-drones.

Triple Gravitic Beam emitters crown the Triga

The Triga can also be equipped with power-draining beams and terror field generators, which the Noordicans deploy against their barbarous cousins on Earth, in their efforts to end their savage, warlike ways.

The Triga — Bringing the benefits of Venusian civilisation to your primitive world!

In 1/200th scale, the Triga is 73mm across and will be available as both a downloadable, 3D printable file and as a resin miniature.

Unlike the government, I’m not afraid of UFO Disclosure, and to prove it, here’s the production image of the Triga for a small behind-the-scenes look at how a Saucer War One sculpt begins. All the Noordican saucers are being sculpted by the very talented Chris Osapai of Protokraken, who, I think you’ll agree, has done a cracking job with the Triga.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed another look at what’s in the works here at Miniature Martin right now. There’s also been progress with the rules and mechanics, so I think next week, we’ll take a look at the Weapon Discs, and how the dangerous devices of Saucer War One are deployed for deadly duels.

Triga with Biga escorts doing their best impressions of swamp gas

Until next time, everyone — Watch the Skies!


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